I am continuously impressed with the high level of dental care and service I am receiving from you and would not hesitate to recommend your dental practice to anyone. Everyone in your office is very competent and welcoming. Dr Stavro and her team are providing excellent dental care.

Dr. Stavro has an excellent team. They take the time to carefully and meticulously clean my teeth, and are extremely warm and personable–make me feel very comfortable when I visit. The front desk staff are very helpful. There had been a billing mistake on my last visit, but it was immediately remedied before I even asked. Overall, I have an excellent dental experience!

I have never had a year like the last one re my gums and dental health. This visit was amazing… the least amount of plaque ever and virtually no bleeding. You are a wonderful dentist and avoiding “flap surgery” and having the laser treatment instead has saved me from pain, loss of work and loss of time. In addition, the results have been awesome. I recommend the office to many people. In the 35 years that I have been an adult, I have never had check-ups like the last 3 with you. Thank you.

Your dental hygienists are excellent. They know everything and are very clear in their communications. I am looking forward to my next visit.